Paolo Mazzanti - Photography
Paolo Mazzanti by Matteo Mazzanti
Carbon Print on Cotton
Paolo Mazzanti's Portrait by Matteo Mazzanti (2007)

1959 Paolo Mazzanti was born in Pesaro, Italy.


1973 Liceo Scientifico “Guglielmo Marconi” (Italy) (Arch. Aimonino)
1973 “Guglielmo Marconi” High School (Italy) specializing in scientific studies

1977 / 79 Theater (Italy) Collaboration with the theatrical group “ilnostroteatro”
awarded of three prizes for the best scenography and best light effects with the play
“Murder in the Cathedral” by Thomas Sterns Eliot.

1979 / 82 Faculty of Architecture in Florence - Italy
1979 "Theory of Photography in Architecture" (Florence – Italy)
1983 Sinar Workshop, Schaffausen (Switzerland)
1986 Broncolor Workshop, Allscwil (Switzerland)

Main Events

1981 Via Diaz, 16 (PU – Italy) The first photographic space

1982 Launch of “Azzurra” (PU – Italy) Lawyer Gianni Agnelli’s photograph album,
of his Highness the Prince Aga Khan and of his wife Begum Salima

1982 Launch of “Azzurra” (Portocervo - Italy) Exhibition “Yacht Club Costa Smeralda”
1982 onward Benelli Armi S.p.A. Urbino - Italy
1986 onward Beretta S.p.A. Italy – USA
1987 Via Romolo Gessi, 53 ( MI - Italy) Office in Milan, Italy
1988 Via degli Abeti (PU - Italy) The new big space with the radio-controlled Broncolor flash
1991 Gran Design (Italy) work for Mimmo Rotella’s sculpture “The city”
1996 FMR publication (MI - Italy) reproduction on sheet film 8’x10’, Pala del Bellini
1996 - 2000 The Creative Index - Rotovision - Italian Photographers
2001 C.C.I.A.A. (PU – Italy) selectioned for 12 posters for provincial activities

2003 Grande Oriente D’Italia (Roma-Rimini - Italy) Poster for the
Italian Conference of the Lodge, with Master Giorgio Facchini.

2005-06 Tuscany "Agenda Liturgica", Work AAF389

WHO, for WHOM, with WHOM and THAT Paolo Mazzanti has photographed


Solo exhibitions

2004 “Entro l’Esterno” – Badia a Settimo (Firenze, Italy)
2005 “Entro l’Esterno” - Castello di Mango (Cuneo, Italy)
2006 “Sens of Approach” - Fay Gold Gallery (Atlanta - GA, USA)
2006 “Entro l’Esterno” - Castello di Mango (Cuneo, Italy)
2006 “Entro l’Esterno” - Studio La Matta (Solarolo - Ravenna, Italy)
2007 “The Approach” Biblioteca San Giovanni - (Pesaro, Italy)
2007 “La casa d’autore” “Primo Piano” (Pesaro, Italy)

2007 “The Perception of Time” with the music of Paul Statham,
Palazzo Lazzarini (Pesaro, Italy), curator Victor De Circasia

2008 "FIVE" Libreria del Barbiere (Pesaro, Italy)
2008 "FIVE" Gallery G+G (Pesaro, Italy)
2008 Palazzo Sangallo (Tolentino MC, Italy)
2008 "Energia del tempo" (Tolentino MC, Italy) Museo Napoleonico
2009 "Mangiarte" Armory (Perugia - Italy)
2009 "Omaggio a Gualtiero Marchesi" (Perugia - Italy)
2010 "Sense of Approach" (New Jersey - New York - USA)
2010 "SU_REALE" (Chivasso - TO -Italy)
2010 "Entro l'Esterno" (Brescia - BS -Italy)
2011 "Sense of Approach" (New Jersey - New York - USA)
2011 "Su-reale" (Lucca LU, Italy)
2011 "Spiccare il volo" (Chivasso TO, Italy)
2012 "Energia del tempo"Palazzo Santa Chiara (Chivasso TO, Italy)
2013 "Energiaa del tempo" Biblioteca "Movimente" (Chivasso TO, Italy)
2013 Entro la fotografia (Fano PU, Italy)
2013 "Spiccare il volo" Castello Estense (Ferrara FE, Italy)
2013 "Energia del tempo - Visioni concentriche" Palazzo Lazzarini (PU, Italy)
2014 "Urbino itinerante" (Italy)

Group exhibitions

2005 “Entro l’Esterno” - Castello di Mango (Cuneo, Italy)
2005 Royal Academy (London, UK)
2005 ART CLASS - IGAV Institute (London, UK) curator Victor De Circasia
2005 ART CLASS - Carpaccio, IGAV Institute (London, UK) curator Victor De Circasia
2005 Arte Padova - (Padova, Italy)
2005-06 “Arte e Design” - Padua Art Gallery (Padova, Italy)
2005-06 “In the City” - Harley-Davidson Bergamo (Bergamo, Italy)
2006 “Entro l’Esterno” - Castello di Mango (Cuneo, Italy)
2006 Arte Genova - Padua Arte Gallery (Genova, Italy)
2006 “Flowers” - Galleria Forni (Bologna, Italy)
2006 “Flowers” - Galleria Civica Pavullo (Modena, Italy) curator Paolo Donini
2006 “Natura e Metamorfosi” Urban Planning Exhibition Center IGAV (Shanghai, China) curator Marisa Vescovo
2006 “Natura e Metamorfosi” Beijing Creative Art Center IGAV (Beijing, China) curator Marisa Vescovo
2007 “Water” Galleria Forni (Bologna, Italy)
2007 “Water” Galleria Civica Pavullo (Modena, Italy) curator Paolo Donini - Daniela Del Moro
2007 "NATURE AND METAMORPHOSIS" IGAV (Spoleto, Italy) curator Marisa Vescovo
2007 “Flowers” - Galerie Caroline Dechamby (Crans-Montana, Switzerland)
2008 AIPAD Photography Show, Fay Gold Gallery, (New York, USA)
2009 “Un omaggio a Gianpaolo Barbieri e una rassegna di fotografi contemporanei” Galleria Forni (Bologna, Italy)
2009 Mobilia Next, Galleria Forni, (Bologna Italy)
2009 MANGIARTE, Galleria Armory, (Perugia, Italy)
2009 “i Marchigiani” Villa Orsi, due autori Mario Giacomelli, Paolo Mazzanti (Bologna, Italy)
2009 “Primo Piano” La Collezione Ceccotti, (Pesaro, Italy)
2010-11 La Castiglia - Collezione Permanente IGAV (Saluzzo CN - Italy)
2011 54° Biennale di Venezia - 150° Unità d'Italia (Torino TO - Italy)
2013 Ottoconotto (Firenze FI, Italy)
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