Paolo Mazzanti - Photography


by Victor De Circasia

The connection between nature and reality is critical for Mazzanti. He encompasses an ideal that hinges on his ability to leverage the image into the format, to increase tension and to let you walk through a work of art. The thorough documentation of his images in various stages and the full vision of them are simultaneously sparse and littered with symbols. His work is an accumulation of precise information that submerges into the plans. An exhausting regimen of study characterized most often by delivering the photographic impression of nature.

He has the exciting task of introducing us to new images that we recognise in the familiar context of nature. It is exhilarating to view these images dealing with structures and photo examples that are, theoretically at least, almost taken for granted by us. His photographs have an emotional sense rather than the common, frustrated technological representation.

The first thing he looks for in nature is what kind of vision-ideal or symbol the element holds for him. With his observations he has a vision of portraying and communicating these challenges.

Mazzanti comes with the confidence of experience informed by many years of research; a high standard of contemporary technical skills; the detailed positioning of the work to be photographed and an obvious plan: but he is also aware of the constant battle that is defining his work in the photographic format.

The strategy for creating his photographs is to maximise the control over the element and to do careful technical evaluations, as in a laboratory environment, but for all the careful human observation and considerations when the shutter is pressed (as he points out) nature makes the final decision. We ultimately fall back on the intangible questions of frame, colour evaluation, structures etc. His pieces are a constant detective work from his long walks. He is able to judge the display, the dream-vision of a new image or the effect of time on the environment.

"I would like to share the vision of the landscape, the images and elements in nature that motivates me, but I also want to feel a certain kind of excitement in the air when I tour the country side for a location or when I take the elements into the lab to control exposure, colour or form."

His work suggests a man driven by the love of nature and always hoping to give us with his photographs an impression of a formal element. He wants to bring a vision which makes us more emotional about his representation of nature. The cosmos has a hidden structure for us and we are excited by the discoveries of our own environment. The photographs of Mazzanti are a new voyage of observation in photography; we are the protagonists in a familiar meeting that never ends. His images are an encounter with elements dear to us demonstrating that we are constant visitors to the universe.

We should go out there as Mazzanti: willing to see what is the experience of being alive and in touch with nature. A sense of approach.

copyright © Paolo Mazzanti