Paolo Mazzanti - Photography

IGAV - Shanghai - Beijing - CHINA

by Marisa Vescovo

In his "retouched" images, Mazzanti does not contaminate nature by adding to the metonymic landscape one on his own through a digital process that forcibly introduces misleading or alien elements - rather, he re-endows nature with its magical power, its fascination, highlighting its inherent architectural structure. Nature reappropriates the possibility of being discourse and narrative, returning to flow in the various directions of time - it becomes memory, recall, rich in symbols and powerful acts of valorisation. Along the very axis that at once unites nature and culture and sets them in opposition, the artist looks for a locus of exchange, a place in which - thanks to the digital manipolations (culture) of light and colour - it becomes possible to buold illusions and impressions that are so vivid as to be engender inebriation and wonder, which have always, of course, pertained tu nature in the first place. Mazzanti's photographs, then, give rise to a discourse of rediscovery and of protection, yet the landscape in his work is never there to provide the viewer with recognition - rather, what he prsents is always a vision, since this is the only way to give nature back its original mystery.

copyright © Paolo Mazzanti